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"Portland’s In The Pink is no casual Pink Floyd tribute band but rather a serious attempt at recreating the sheer dynamism of the entire Pink Floyd experience. 

A homegrown local band, In The Pink, tries and succeeds"

Pink Floyd's staying power is reflected in both their continuing success with more than a decade on the Billboard Top 100 charts and the third highest grossing album in history. Additionally they are the focus on hundreds of tribute acts across the world. In the Pink is one of those acts.


In 2016, In the Pink was created as a celebration of our love for the band and their music. We wanted to play this music live, and to share as best would could the sights and sounds of Pink Floyd. Those were pretty lofty ambitions! Still, we take the time to recreate the band’s vinyl releases with enough accuracy to please most hardcore fans. Our setlists evolve from show to show, covering songs from their first single through The Division Bell. We cover the radio-friendly fare and throw in a few rarities and surprises to appeal to the above mentioned hardcore types.


Which one's Pink? Ultimately, that's up to you to answer for yourself. In the Pink presents themselves to you for consideration. Sit back, enjoy the show, and let In the Pink share one of their turns with you.

In The Pink PDX Convention center.jpg
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